The 10 Most Legendary Investors Who Have Ever Lived On Earth


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Carl Icahn

Famous Quote:
“In takeovers, the metaphor is war. The secret is reserves. You must have reserves stretched way out ahead. You have to know that you could buy the company and not be stretched.”

Age: 82 , Founder of Icahn Enterprises
Assets Under Management (AUM): $33.3 billion

Twitter: @Carl_C_Icahn (354k followers)

Carl Icahn built his reputation as what’s called a corporate raider – an investor who infiltrates a mismanaged company’s board of directors by purchasing enough shares to get voting power. Successful raiders then use their leverage to rearrange the organization in an attempt to make it profitable, or just strip their assets – which Icahn famously did after his hostile takeover of the American Airline TWA back in the 80s.

Icahn was the 26th richest person on the Forbes 400 last year, not to mention the 5th richest hedge fund manager. He also very briefly worked with the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, as a Special Advisor on Regulatory Reform, for a brief stint in 2017. He is currently worth double-digit billions. This legendary corporate raider has his successful finger prints on conglomerates like Yahoo, Time Warner and Blockbuster Video too.

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