The 10 Most Legendary Investors Who Have Ever Lived


Geraldine Weiss

Famous Quote:
“Never is there a better time to buy a stock than when a basicallysound company, for whatever reason, temporarily falls out of favor with the investment community.”

Age: 92 , Founder of Investment Quality Trends
Known for academic work

Image source: iqtrends

While it has, indeed, undergone a very positive-trending evolution in recent years, the investing world was traditionally very much a boy’s club – so it’s refreshing to add a woman investing legend to this list. Geraldine Weiss is known as the “Queen of Blue-Chip Dividends”, having invented a quite genius strategy for investing. While Warren Buffett’s focused on his four principles of investing as a checklist for picking stocks, Weiss only focused on one single metric – which would have generated more profit for Buffett had he followed her game plan.

Even more amazing: She used the name G. Weiss for about a decade before revealing she was a woman, due to the initial rejection her work faced.

She focused on simply dividend yield, buying stocks when they are within 10% of their highest dividend yield and unload them when they get within 10% of their lowest. While her beginnings in investing were heavily influenced by Benjamin Graham’s 10-point checklist, she departed with her own technique and really became successful when she embraced her own instincts. Weiss will always be a true investing legend, and a role model for women investors back in the day.

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